Deanna + Adam | Hollyfield Manor


Hollyfield Manor was the setting of Deanna & Adam’s wedding and what a beautiful wedding it was! Nessled in the country on a large estate that felt like something out of The Notebook (complete with water lilly pond) these two said their I do’s in the perfect fall weather.

When I first met Deanna & Adam I thought they were a bit shy but once I got to know them I was fortunate enough to see the depths in which they love each other. I keep thinking about the photo that I took during the ceremony when with glistening eyes she looks into his he takes her hand and lifts it to give it a kiss, and the entire day was filled with moments like that. The looks that these two were giving each other, and the way that they held each other made me remember why I chose wedding photograph to begin with, to be able to capture those special moments for each couple. Thank you so much Deanna & Adam for letting me be a part of your wedding, I hope you love your wedding photos it was an honor to work with you two!

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