Selene + Michael | Tuckahoe Plantation


We were living in Charlottesville at the time, and we loved going to Carter Mountain Orchard for peach ice cream and the views with our dog. You can actually see our old apartment from the top of the hill! On December 11th, 2016, Michael suggested we go for an afternoon visit. When we got there he insisted we have someone take our picture with the view in the background. I noticed a young kid outside and offered to ask him. Michael was adamant an adult who “knew what they were doing” should take one, and went inside to find someone. I had a weird feeling something was about to happen at this point. When he came back out, it took less than 10 seconds before he got down on one knee and blurted it out! Of course I said yes and then burst into happy tears. The people inside watching brought us out a bottle of champagne and we enjoyed an early sunset. It was perfect!