Am I the right photographer for you?

First of all CONGRATULATIONS! This is a truly special time with your future spouse and life partner in crime. Soak in this time together. It is an amazing, fun, and exciting time that you will look back to again and again in your marriage! Choosing your photographer is such an important part of making your wedding exactly what you want it to be. Who you choose will affect the mood, energy, and look of the entire day. And because of this I want you to be overjoyed with your photography experience (even if that means it isn’t with me). You two, your family & friends, and your legacy of love deserves nothing less.

So here is the question, am I the photographer that is going to best fit for what you’re looking for? Well, we would be a great fit if…

You want savor the moments with family and friends.
As you take the first steps towards creating a life & family as loving and generous as the ones you came from, you believe that your wedding is about your love AND the coming together of two families. For you focusing on what is most important on the wedding day includes truly celebrating the people who made it all possible. Since I shoot at a slower pace you won’t be rushing around and you’ll be relaxed enough to enjoy the laughter, tears, and all of this crazy adventure you two are diving headfirst into.

You love the look to romantic and timeless look of film.
Shooting film affects the look, the experience, and the product in the best ways possible. The colors are more vibrant, the prints become stunning art for your home, and the pace of capturing the moment is more intentional. Film photography takes a little longer to receive because it there is so much involved in making it come to life, but trust me, it is worth it in every single way. Read more about why I shoot film here

You’re looking for a remarkable experience.
You want a pro who will give you the guidance and expertise to help you create something special. For such an important step in your lives you should enjoy every second of the experience.

If this is what you are looking for then please reach out, let’s chat and get to know each other. I would love to create something special with you!