Amanda + Ryan | Belle Isle

It was December 23rd, and after a long day at work, Ryan decided to take us out for a date night. It was freezing outside as we walked to the car to start our evening. Normally Ryan is the life of the party, but tonight he was quiet and focused! We went to Cinebistro, at Stony Point to see the movie “Passengers.” This was our first time going there and we didn’t know what to expect and we ended up ordering way too much food! After the movie, as we were walking past all the Christmas lights and decorations I was in awe, it was so beautiful but I was so cold and was just trying to hurry to the car! Ryan was walking slow and trying to get me to slow down I could tell he was anxious for some reason! The next thing I knew he grabbed my hand and got down on his knee! At this point I was tearing up, I never expected this moment to come! “Will you marry me?” is all I heard! “Of course I will!” I said as we both cried tears of joy!