Laura + Brian | Monument Avenue

Brian and I were at the barn, and although I was sort of expecting him to propose that weekend I didn’t think it was going to be at the barn. It was actually really neat, because that day (11.11.17), was the first day he had actually ridden my horse. Afterward we were grooming her and it was freezing. We were talking about a trick that my horse, Sundie (pronounced “Sunday”), does, when you get down low underneath her mouth (like on your knees almost, and put your lips to hers and she gives you a kiss. We also had an apple to give her, that was bright red, but I had it in my possession at the time. All of a sudden I saw Brian down on one knee with something red in his hand, and I was confused, because we were just talking about the trick that Sundie does, and we were standing right next to her, so I thought he was trying to get her to do the trick. He also had something red in his hand, so I thought he somehow got the apple from me. It took me a second to figure out that he was proposing, but of course I said yes! It was cute because he said he didn’t open the box to show me the ring until he was sure I was going to say yes, because he didn’t want me to see the ring he had for me. He had the ring custom made for me! I was obviously over the moon and we hugged and kissed and called my parents and he called his. It was really special!